Amy Winehouse’s death in 2011 at the poignant age of 27 affected many fans of the star’s music but now it seems the singer’s dad wants to bring his daughter to the West End. Following a difficult film released about the singer, entitled Amy and of which her family said was an "unbalanced" portrayal of her, her father Mitch Winehouse has said he wants the musical to be about more than "just the drugs and the alcohol".

Mitch and Amy WinehouseAmy's father Mitch wants a West End musical about his late daughter

The West End show about her life will feature songs from the songbird's incredible back catalogue - including hits like Rehab and Tears Dry On Their Own.

Tragically, the incredibly talented singer died of alcohol poisoning six years ago.

Speaking to The Sun about the new tribute to her life, Mitch, who was a much present figure in the star’s public life, said: "A musical celebrating her life and music is being talked about for the near future.

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"It is something I’d really like to happen and I’ve said I’m happy for it to go ahead.

"It would be for the West End. We want to do something that remembers Amy for what she was, there’s so much more to her than just the drugs and the alcohol.

"We want to do something positive about how she developed her music. What we don’t hear is that she was clean of drugs for three years when she died."

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Amy’s battles with drink and drugs were widely documented following her rise to stardom after her brilliant debut album, Frank, and her second widely-acclaimed album, Back to Black, touched on her difficulties with addiction.

On 23 July 2011, two ambulances arrived at Winehouse’s property and she was tragically pronounced dead at the scene.

After her death, the singer broke her second Guinness World Record: for the most songs by a woman to simultaneously appear on the UK singles chart.