The coroner's report for Amy Winehouse will today (26th October 2011) say the tragic star was killed by alcohol and not drugs, offering a shred of comfort for her dad Mitch Winehouse who has claimed all along his daughter was clean of the substances that had plagued her through the later years of her life, reports the UK's Sun newspaper.
Winehouse senior has spent three months since the death of his child on July 23rd 2011 fighting accusations that her substance abuse had caught up with her. His campaign included an appearance on Anderson Cooper's U.S. chat show during which he claimed the only drug in her body was Librium - a prescription substance given to those overcoming alcohol detoxification. At the time he said "everyone thought I was in denial, but [the toxicology report shows] I wasn't, she hadn't taken drugs for three years."
The inquest into the death is being held at St. Pancras' Coroner's Court in London, with Mitch and his wife Janis both expected to attend. In other Winehouse-related news, the late singer's close friend Kelly Osbourne has been targeted by a fake Twitter account claiming to be the deceased star. One Tweet said "Miss ya darling! X" while another claimed, "I'm alive and I am well. I'm just not here (with you), not so swell. But I watch over you above in the sky so blue. Miss ya daddy. love ya too x." An infuriated Kelly replied "That's not f***ing funny. You should be ashamed".