The pop singer Anastacia has spoken to her fans, via Twitter, about the return of her cancer. The star has been forced to cancel her forthcoming tour, after being diagnosed with breast cancer again. She first fought the disease in 2003. On her Facebook page, fans have been leaving messages of support, below the press statement posted yesterday.

The statement revealed “Anastacia has sadly been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time after having successfully survived her 2003 battle with the disease. Consequently she has been forced to cancel all performances, tours and any travel from now until further notice.” On Twitter, she posted a message to personally confirm the news and hinted this time the process of ridding herself of the cancer may be a tougher battle than last time around. Her Tweet read “News abt Cancer- Yes it has come back, yes i'm fighting it, but ths time the battle is a pretty intense. Thank U 4 yr luv&prayers.” 


Anastacia, performing live in 2012

Anastacia’s tour was due to start in London on April 6, 2013. In her press statement, she revealed how upset she was to have to cancel the arrangements. “I feel so awful to be letting down all my amazing fans who were looking forward to 'It's A Man's World Tour'. It just breaks my heart to disappoint them.” There was nothing but support for Anastacia in the comments below the statement though, with one fan, Pam Kreuger writing “Sending my prayers to you. Faced a similar situation - breast cancer 2 times - 10 years apart-rough road but you can do it! I will be praying for you. XOXO.”