Following Anderson Cooper 's revelations that he is gay, which he made public in a written letter to fellow gay journalist Andrew Sullivan, who subsequently posted it on website the Daily Beast, celebrities and friends on Twitter have come out in support of the anchor.
For many tweeting their support, the announcement didn't really come as a surprise, whilst actress Mia Farrow pointed out that it was ridiculous in the 21st century for a man coming out to still be a big deal as she posted a quote from Cooper himself on Twitter which read "In a perfect world, I don't think it's anyone's business." Other messages of support came from lesbian chat show host Ellen Degeneres, who wrote "I'm proud of you Anderson Cooper". She came out in public herself back in 1997. Comedienne Wanda Sykes, also a lesbian, Tweeted Cooper too, saying "Proud of you. thank you."
Further support came from sex columnist Dan Savage who wrote "Loved your coming out letter Anderson Cooper. So beautifully put. Everyone should read it." Kathy Griffin meanwhile posted a picture of her and Cooper holding hands together, with the caption "Here I am with my friend who I'm so proud of." TV personality Kelly Ripa was another to add her voice, writing "So proud of you Anderson Cooper. Always have been, always will be."