Revered U.S. newsman Anderson Cooper has landed the first TV interview with Gerard Depardieu after the French actor's recent toilet trouble onboard a jet bound for Ireland.
The Green Card star tried to discreetly pee in a bottle when his plane was delayed on the runway in France, but a little urine spilled over onto the floor and Depardieu was reportedly asked to get off and board another flight as cleaners were called to mop up the mess.
Reporting the story on his CNN news show recently, Cooper burst into a fit of giggles as he used toilet humour to describe the peeing scandal - but it appears the reclusive actor was tickled by the anchorman's reaction, because he has agreed to sit for a rare TV interview, which will air next week (13Sep11), as Cooper launches his new U.S. daytime talk show, Anderson.
Depardieu is in America to promote his new movie My Afternoons With Margueritte.
Cooper will launch his new show on Monday (12Sep11) by talking with Amy Winehouse's family about the tragic singer, who died in July (11). Daniel Radcliffe is also lined up as a guest during Cooper's first week.