Spencer Cox, one of the most celebrated AIDs and HIV activists in the world has died of complications with his own battle with the disease - he was 44.

Cox, the co-founder of of activist organisation TAG (Treatment Action Group) and a spokesman for ACT UP (both major HIV/ AIDS organisations in the USA), ended his long-running battle with the AIDs virus earlier today at Columbia Presbyterian hospital. Following his death, Anderson Cooper, a fellow AIDs campaigner, discussed at length the work and effort applied by the man to raise awareness about the plight cause by the horrendous disease on Anderson Live.

Likewise, his death has been met with a barrage of farewells on Twitter, with Cooper leading the cries. He wrote "#SpencerCox, a heroic AIDS activist, died today. The work he did saved so many lives and will continue to." Likewise, actress Rosie Perez and author Laurie Garrett also offered their condolences to the late activists. Rosie posted: "TY all who watched @andersonlive today & your great tweets! Appreciate all of them. Especially the ones regarding #SpencerCox tribute #AIDS," Whilst Garrett added a rather more peeved sending off with, "Spencer Cox is dead & I'm infuriated."

Our deepest condolences go out to Cox's family and friends in this dark hour for them.