Andrea Riseborough felt Wallis Simpson's spirit was there when filming 'W.E.'.

The 30-year-old actress portrayed the late American mistress of King Edward VIII in the movie, and she found herself channelling the deceased icon while shooting the motion picture.

She said: "You really feel that you're invoking Wallis's spirit, and that she's there, with you, throughout the day."

Andrea enjoyed the start of each day's filming as Madonna - who wrote and co-produced the movie - would share a "moment of complicity" with the actress by helping her put on Wallis' garments.

She added: "We'd have this ritualistic moment at the beginning of every scene. Madonna would adorn Wallis in all of her finery. And then there was this moment of complicity, Madonna and I, between us. It was very nice. Like a resetting."

But Andrea admits shooting the movie was not all glamorous when she had to wear Wallis' own jewellery. In some scenes she wore a pug dog brooch that was so priceless it came with its own security team, who even had to follow the actress to the toilet.

She explained to The Times newspaper: "The scene is about to begin. The day is about to begin. And then six very large bodyguards follow you around for the rest of the day. Even when you go to the bathroom. It kind of deflates the balloon."