Sony, the production company behind the already record breaking, Andrew Garfield led 'The Amazing Spider-Man', has announced plans that they will be continuing the series for at least two more films, making the announcement through their Facebook page.

The web-slinging adventure already broke records when, on Tuesday, it took a record $35m (£22.5m) on its opening day, putting to shame the work that The Avengers already made earlier this year. The film, which has benefitted from almost entirely positive reviews (even our own review was glowing) and a cast that has seemingly put to shame the stars of the original trilogy - with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone attaining much plaudits for their roles as male and female lead compared to Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst - looks likely to be one of the year's highest grossing films. These predictions come in spite of the competition it faces from rival superhero flicks such as the already released The Avengers and the forthcoming closer to the Dark Knight franchise The Dark Knight Rises.

Rumours have been floating around since last year that the studio has been looking to film a follow-up to the film, with writer James Vanderbilt having already been hired to begin writing a follow-up as far back as March 2011. Director MARK WEBB, who has not yet been confirmed to direct the follow-up movie, has also spoken about leaving the film's ending open, so that audiences will want more at the end of the first film.