Superhero movies have been striving towards the almost unobtainable goal set by The Dark Knight trilogy when it redefined the genre. But, inner turmoil and moral questions aside, there is room for a playful superhero, and despite The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s failings, it sure offers up a rip-roaring adventure. 

Spiderman v ElectroSpider-Man Running About

The critics aren’t falling head over heels for Marc Webb’s follow up to 2012’s winter blockbuster, not by any means – in fact, it shares the exact same 73% score on Rotten Tomatoes as its predecessor holds, at the time of writing. 

But what the critics are saying – despite some notable plot holes – is that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 delivers the kind gut-wrenching thrill-ride action film lovers have come to expect from a superhero movie. 

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“A few too-broad gags aside - and even these are in the funky spirit of '60s Marvel - this is a satisfying second issue with thrills, heartbreak, gasps, and a perfectly judged slingshot ending,” writes Kim Newman for Empire Magazine. 

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“The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to know exactly what it's doing,” notes The Guardian’s Xan Brooks. “Webb's film is bold and bright and possesses charm in abundance. It swings into the future and carries the audience with it.”

In comparison to The Amazing Spider-Man, Leslie Felperin writes for The Hollywood Reporter: “The plot gets itself tangled up in multiple villain strands, but in the main this installment is emotionally weightier and more satisfying than its predecessor.”

And finally, “Garfield and his co-stars contribute detailed, attentive work that just happens to be mounted on the canvas of a noisy, sprawling superhero film,” are the musings of film critic Ryan Gilbey, writing for New Statesman. 

Andrew Garfield and Emma StoneAndrew Garfield [L] and Emma Stone [R] in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

So it looks like this weekend, despite a Woody Allen film that no one is talking about, and Disney’s 'Bears', the place to be is watching Spider-Man with a huge box of popcorn and someone to talk about it with after. “Did you see that bit?” “Yes, I was in the cinema with you.” That kind of thing.