Andrew Lincoln has for many years been a huge part of AMC's 'The Walking Dead'. Based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name, the show has seen Lincoln step into the leading role of Rick Grimes; a man who woke up from a coma in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. From that point, we've seen him reunite with family, forge new friendships with fellow survivors, and face off against some of television's most dangerous villains.

Andrew Lincoln is leaving 'The Walking Dead' during season 9Andrew Lincoln is leaving 'The Walking Dead' during season 9

Now though, Grimes' story is coming to an end. We know he'll be leaving 'The Walking Dead' at some point in season 9, as it's something Lincoln confirmed this past weekend. Exactly how he'll go however is still up in the air.

Speaking during a press conference at San Diego Comic-Con, the actor opened up about the two main ways his character could be leaving 'The Walking Dead'; either dead or alive. According to ComicBook, he said: "So, yes, there is that way, and then there is obviously the other way which we've done quite a lot. Obviously, I'm not going to tell you which way. I mean, I prefer the Lennie James of it all, but I think what we have in store this season is truly remarkable and I'm very, very proud of the work that we've done."

When he speaks about Lennie James, Lincoln is of course referring to the character of Morgan, who was allowed to exit 'The Walking Dead' with his life intact. Now, the actor has even made the jump to spinoff series 'Fear The Walking Dead', allowing fans a chance to explore a whole other chapter to his story.

Whether Rick dies or not, the character has certainly had quite the journey throughout all of the 'Walking Dead' episodes we've seen to-date. Sometimes in control, and sometimes losing his mind entirely, he's had to deal with the deaths of family members, and come to terms with the fact that his daughter Judith may not actually be his biological offspring at all.

Now, after taking Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) down, but refusing to kill the tyrant because of a letter his late son left behind before his passing, he looks to be facing a leadership challenge from Maggie (Lauren Cohan). The potential twist to the narrative is something that was revealed during the full-length SDCC season 9 trailer, which also promised a big change to the direction the series is taking. Though there will still be a little chaos and violence, the show looks to be headed back to focusing on the difficulties of building a community in a dangerous world, and that's something fans are very excited about seeing.

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'The Walking Dead' season 9 comes to AMC in the US and FOX in the UK this October, premiering October 7 in the US and October 8 in the UK.