Wow. So the creators of 'The Walking Dead' really know how to break our hearts. Regular viewers of the never-ending zombie series will be used to grieving by now, but the latest death has proved to be way too much for some fans.

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking DeadRick faces ever more difficult hurdles in this season's 'The Walking Dead'

We're only three episodes into 'The Walking Dead' season six, and already one of the best characters has seemingly been killed off. While everyone was hoping that the reckless and seriously dodgy Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) would be the next to bite the dust, producers have taken the story completely the other way and wiped off one of the only remaining members of the original cast. We can only hope that we haven't seen the last of him.

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Episode 1, 'First Time Again', saw the group's supposed Safe Zone in Alexandria become under threat after a quarry full of walkers becomes insecure. Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) plan to lead them away from them seems to be going well, despite his leadership being in danger of some wannabe named Carter (Ethan Embry). However, episode 2, 'JSS', brought more obstacles when Alexandria became under attack by the Wolves. But that's another hurdle they apparently overcome, allowing viewers to breathe a sigh of relief. temporarily.

Steven Yeun in The Walking DeadGlenn's demise becomes the biggest tragedy of the series so far

Episode 3, 'Thank You', sees Glenn (Steven Yeun) tasked with rescuing Alexandrian volunteers without lenience - but that in itself becomes difficult when most of the group are struggling. Then Glenn's kindness becomes his worst enemy when he actually trusts Nicholas (Michael Traynor) to help him distract some walkers with a fire. They're subsequently trapped and Nicholas gives up pretty much immediately, killing himself and inadvertently dragging Glenn along with him. Thank you very much, Nicholas! (Came the angry cries of supporters of Team Glenn).

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Fans are desperate not to believe Glenn's demise is true, after all it's totally against the comic books, but he looked in very bad shape when we last saw him so it's pretty unlikely.

Fourth episode 'Here's Not Here' is set to air on November 1st 2015.

The Walking Dead season 6Yet more are lost to the ever-hungry walkers