Well, that was a bit of an anticlimax. 'The Walking Dead' season 6 left viewers hyperventilating a few weeks ago when they apparently killed off one of the best characters in the entire show, and now we've finally got a resolution, we're a little taken aback by the banality of it.

Steven Yeun in The Walking DeadHow does Glenn survive?

All season out stress levels have been rocking back and forth; is Alexandria safe or isn't it? When will the Wolves attack next? What happened to so-and-so? And speaking of the latter, that's been the biggest topic of conversation since the episode 'Thank You' aired: What happened to Glenn?

He seemingly got ripped to shreds after he and Nicholas got ambushed on top of a dumpster by walkers. Nicholas killed himself, and, probably accidentally, dragged Glenn along with him. What happened next saw much speculation over whether or not it was a dream, if someone miraculously appeared and saved him etc., but the real explanation was so simple (and frankly unbelievable) that fans are rather exasperated by the long wait.

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Basically, 'Heads Up' reveals that Glenn (played by Steven Yeun) managed to crawl under the dumpster, shielded by Nicholas' body (which the ravenous walkers begin to eat), and waited there until they all went away. Somehow, he managed to make it out alive without a scratch on him, or without a single one of those walkers noticing him hiding. Wow.

So, phew, I guess. Though let's not forget he's also made a new friend, Enid. She's not the most trusting of people, but he manages to convince her to join him on his search for the rest of the survivors, releasing some balloons to give away their position as the Safe Zone isn't so safe anymore.

Our tears of glee when Maggie realises her man is alive, however, are quickly turned into tears of panicked frustration when Alexandria suffers another blow that will likely see Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) team fending off another army of walkers.

Episode 8, 'Start To Finish' will air on November 29th 2015.