The very last thing you want – apart from a death in the family or an alien abduction – on the day of your OBE award, is a random drugs test. Luckily for Andy Murray instead of steroids and performance enhancing drugs, he feeds on shortbread and the pride of a nation he’s not from. Oh, and he made it on time.

Andy MurrayAndy Murray arriving at what turned out to be a successful Wimbledon tournament

"They turned up at my door at 8.20am and I had a taxi booked for half past eight. I was a bit worried I was going to be late but the taxi did a great job in getting us here,” explained Andy, who isn’t considering giving his taxi driver his OBE, but probably should.

“It's part of the job but when you have a day like today you are looking forward to, it's the last thing you need. Anyway we are here and it has been great. When you are on the tennis court you are out there alone so it is great to have my family around me." (BBC)

Murray finally won Wimbledon this time round after years of trying. He’s Great Britain’s only hope of a home-grown win in mens' major tennis competitions, and built upon his Olympics gold medal by triumphing on the London grass.

In addition to handing over the award, Prince William also ‘bantered’ with the tennis champ; he was sure to ask him about the state of his precious body, too, with the Scot having faced back surgery weeks ago.

Prince William
Prince William handed over the OBE

“He asked me about my back surgery which I had a few weeks ago and how I was feeling after Wimbledon, when there a lot of pressure on me,” added Murray. "I teased him a bit as he had sent a note to me before Wimbledon wishing me luck and his wife had written me a letter afterwards. Her handwriting was beautiful and I told him how fantastic it was compared to his.”

Now that’s British banter, folks.