Ever since he blasted into the spotlight for his brilliant work as Gollum in Peter Jackson's 'The Lord of the Rings' movie trilogy, Andy Serkis has been a mainstay of Hollywood. Whether he's acting under the guise of motion capture, or is a part of flicks using his own face, he puts on a brilliant performance and is a true leader of the industry.

Andy Serkis would love to work with Matt Reeves againAndy Serkis would love to work with Matt Reeves again

Recently tackling Supreme Leader Snoke in the new 'Star Wars' episodic movies, Serkis could be looking for yet another huge film to be a part of. That could come in the form of Matt Reeves' upcoming DC picture 'The Batman', although nothing has been made official.

Speaking with JoBlo, the actor was asked if he'd consider appearing in 'The Batman' if asked, to which he replied: "Oh, for sure! I mean, I'd go to the edge of the created universe with Matt [Reeves]. I mean, he's the most brilliant director. I would work with anything with him again, y'know, I mean, I absolutely adore him and we're very good friends, close friends, and I think he's an extraordinary director so for sure."

Reeves and Serkis obviously worked together on the rebooted 'Planet of the Apes' franchise, so to see them get back in studios together would be a perfect match-up. Reeves has already responded on social media to Serkis' comments, saying that "He is the BEST!" Exactly whether or not a Batman role is secured for him however, remains to be seen.

Right now, Serkis' efforts are going into promoting his motion capture adaptation of 'The Jungle Book', called 'Mowgli'. He directed the film and stars as Baloo the bear, and a trailer for the movie is supposedly right around the corner. We can't wait to check it out and see how it stacks up.

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We'll bring you more news on 'The Batman' as and when we get it.