One of the biggest art heists in years has taken place at a Rotterdam museum, with the thieves walking off with works of art thought to be worth millions of dollars. The Dutch art heist has seen the burglars manage to escape with hugely famous works of art from artists including Picasso, Monet, Gauguin and Matisse; police are absolutely baffled at how the robbers managed to get in and out of the highly secured Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, but have said that it was pretty clear that they knew which paintings they were after, as opposed to just going in and grabbing whatever they could take.

The list of stolen paintings are as follows: Pablo Picasso's 'Harlequin's Head'; Claude Monet's 'Waterloo Bridge, London' and 'Charing Cross Bridge, London'; Henri Matisse's 'Reading Girl in White and Yellow'; Paul Gauguin's 'Girl in Front of Open Window'; Meyer de Haan's 'Self-Portrait,' and Lucian Freud's work 'Woman with Eyes Closed.'

It would appear that there are only a few options open to the thieves however. They may try to seek a ransom from the owners, the museum or the insurers. They could also conceivably sell the paintings in the criminal market - but only for a fraction of their true worth. It is highly unlikely that they, movie-style, had a private investor commissioning the theft.