You may have noticed we’re slightly excited about Disney's Maleficent finally coming out on May 30. OK, OK, we’ve hardly been able to sleep we’re THAT excited! Everywhere we look there’s reminders of how freaking fantastic it’s going to be (Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning’s shoes they’ve been rocking at the premieres, anyone?), but it’s these ten reasons that are keeping us up at night.

angelina jolie maleficentAngelina Jolie and Elle Fanning at a premiere for Maleficent

1. Disney like we’ve never seen it before

Maleficent is dark, it’s gothic, it’s totally Angelina Jolie. It doesn’t look like there’s going to be any singing Snowmen in this one, it’s got a Tim Burton feel to it that you rarely get in a Disney movie.

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2. Angelina Jolie in general

The cheekbones, the wicked scary eyes and horns, that slow and sensual drawl she has going on. We can’t think of an actress more perfect to play Maleficent that Angelina Jolie.

3. Uncovering the true story behind Maleficent

It’s just something that’s never been done before. It’s never even been thought about before! How many of you can say you’ve said to yourself, “I wonder how Maleficent became so evil?” It’s just a good idea, we’re kicking ourselves we didn’t come up with it first. Perhaps we’ll make our own film, “Young Cruella,” about her time in college, we imagine she loved a good fancy dress party back then.

angelina jolie maleficentAngelina Jolie looks truly scary in the upcoming Disney movie

4. The music

Lana Del Ray singing ‘Once Upon a Dream’? ‘nuff said.

5. Getting a look in at an alternate fairy kingdom

We all know the fluffy side of the fairies, but we can’t wait to get a look in at the creepy looking fairy kingdom that director Robert Stromberg has created.

Fairy Kingdom MaleficentWe're excited to get a look at the fairy kingdom in Maleficent

6. Dem wings

Maleficent has some serious wing action going on in the trailer. Just how does she lose them and who was brave enough to do the deed?

7. That huge The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies style battle

A whole host of creatures go to battle in the trailer, certainly not a feature of the original fairytale. Whose side are they on, where have they come from, what are they fighting over? So. Many. Questions.

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8. Smaug cameo

As well as a Tolkein style battle is seems like Smaug is going to be making some kind of cameo. OK, it’s probably not Smaug, but there’s a stinking big dragon that looks like it’s going to cause some serious damage.

9. Elle Fanning

She doesn’t look quite how we’d imagined Aurora to look, but Elle Fanning is a great little actress who’s already shown she’s got the talent to take on such a big role in movies like Super 8, We Bought a Zoo and Young Ones.

elle fanning maleficentElle Fanning has been cast to play Princess Aurora in Maleficent

10. Everything combined

There may have been a lot of hype surrounding Maleficent, but there’s no way we can’t see it living up to it.  

What's got you most excited about the movie?

Watch the trailer for Maleficent, right here: