Last August Angelina Jolie tied the knot for a third time to her longtime partner, and father to their six children, Brad Pitt, and this will most likely be her last as she has finally found what all women want, a "real man."

Angelina Jolie
Jolie says she found a "real man" in Pitt

During a recent interview with the French magazine Dandy, Jolie opened up about looking for 'Prince Charming,' her and the Hollywood actor's summer French wedding, and if she will let her children get inked like their mother.

"At 20, we're all looking for Prince Charming, the big handsome hunk, only we're generally disappointed because of his instability," Jolie told the magazine, translated by People. "At 40, you know what you want: a real man."

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Even though Jolie and Pitt are the most powerful couple in Hollywood, many may be surprised to find out their wedding wasn't "in grand style," but she did reveal that their special day was a family affair.

"It wasn't a wedding in grand style, but we were all very at ease, very cool. It was absolutely adorable to see how excited [our children] were by the idea, and how much they were all involved," she said. "For example, we told Knox and Shiloh they'd carry the rings without specifying they'd have a cushion to carry them. On the day, they arrived with two matched cushions on their own. I imagine they'd seen it in a movie. In short, they were so cute!"

As for whether the acting duo's children will take after their famous parent sand get tattoos, Jolie isn't too sure if she can even prevent this from happening.

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"I don't see how I'll be able to stop them later on," she stated. "They only need to look at me to know that I've very few arguments to dissuade them. Brad, he's much firmer on the question: It's 'nyet'!"