After Angelina Jolie’s stunning revelation about her preventative double mastectomy, celebrities and fans have almost been tripping over their feet to praise the Lara Croft star for her courage. Which is, of course, understandable, not only did Jolie make the difficult decision to go under the knife, reducing her risk of breast cancer from 85% to a measly 5%, but she also made an effort to educate women about the dangers and the options for someone with a high genetic predisposition. One of those, applauding her decision, is the iconic TV personality Fran Drescher. Drescher, who is a cancer survivor, talked to E! Online about Angelina’s surgery, calling the actress a “warrior goddess” and urging readers to take note and be attentive to their own health.

"The more women who do that the better," Drescher said about Angie's op-ed. "When you turn pain into purpose it helps to make sense out of the senseless, and because she lost her mother to ovarian cancer...I think this is something she kind of needed to do and more power to her. The more women that can speak publicly about it, the more women will become educated and knowledge is power."

She also explained how, after her own battle with cancer, a more holistic, free from toxins lifestyle, helped her recover: "Although we are talking about Angelina and the fact that she had a genetic tendency to get some cancers, actually 95 percent of cancers are environmentally stimulated and so I am trying to educate the public on how they can effectively reduce their risk of cancer by living a more toxic-free life." Good call, Ms Drescher, although frequent screenings and awareness of the disease might be a bit more helpful in this case.

Fran Drescher, Hotel Transylvania Press Conference
Drescher, a cancer survivor herself, used the opportunity to offer her own advice for clean living and prevention.