Actors on set of Angelina Jolie's 'Louis Zamperini' have revealed that the violent scenes made them throw up and cry.

Japanese pop star Miyavi, who plays sergeant Matsuhiro Watanabe in the film, admitted that one scene in particular where he brutally beats Louis, played by Jack O'Connell, made him nauseous.

He told Vanity Fair magazine: ''It was awful torture for me to hate the other actors - I had to have hatred for them.

''When I had to beat them, I had to think about protecting my family. At the same time, I didn't want to be just a bad guy. I wanted to put humanity in this role.''

He added: ''[Matsuhiro] was both crazy and sadistic, but also weak and traumatized.''

Miyavi - whose real name is Takamasa Ishihara - also admitted that the 39-year-old actress and director was very ''persuasive'' when it came to asking him to take on the role.

He said: ''It's a story that is still painful for my country.

''But she told me she wanted to make a bridge between all countries that had conflict. She was very persuasive.''

Meanwhile, Angelina spoke up about the man on which the film was based, who she showed an early cut of the film to before he died aged 97 in July this year.

She said: ''I was more emotional than he was. I went in to take care of him - and he was taking care of me.

''It was an extremely moving experience, to watch someone watching their own life. Someone so physically strong ... and they are at the stage where their body is giving up.''