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Angels & Airwaves
The Adventure
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Angels And Airwaves The Adventure Single

Every now and then i turn on my cd player or radio in the hope of finding something new and exciting, I think with "Angels & Airwaves" i have just done exactly that, a new and extremely exciting band from across the pond (if your reading this in the UK). If you think you recognise the voice when listening to debut single "The Adventure" its because you have, lead singer Tom Delonge had previously spent over a decade with punk rockers Blink-182 and this is not very far from their sound.
Also welcome in this All American Super group is David Kennedy (Boxcar Racer), Adam Willard (Offspring) and Distillers bass player Ryan Sinn.

A very mystical, magical rock song with more layers then a wedding cake you will have this song stuck in your head for a long time. Enchanting riffs take you into the verse which builds into a song that would not go amiss on an action movie soundtrack.

Its no wonder that their London show recently sold out in no longer then 33 MINUTES!!! I don't even think Blink managed that.

This group may very well of been a side-project for Tom while Blink-182 are on a break but it does enough to hold its own on every level.

If you get the chance too check out the website (if you have high speed Internet access) as you can listen to the song for free and watch the video. Keep your eyes, ears and noses peeled for Angels And Airwaves because if their debut single is anything to go by Geffen have signed up one of THE bands of 2006.


Adam Prickett

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