Former Sports Illustrated model Angie Everhart has revealed the unfortunate news that she has developed thyroid cancer. A representative for the model told Extra that she has just recently found out about her illness and will be undergoing surgery this week.

The rep said that whilst the diagnosis is obviously terrible news, the outcome may not be such a devastating one, with the prognosis for her surgery being relatively positive. The rep told Extra, "Word has been trickling out about [Angie's] health... [Angie] wants to set the record straight by letting everyone know that it is true that she has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, however, the prognosis is very good."

Angie Everhart
Angie Everhart hopes her announcement will encourage others to check their health regularly

The rep went on to add that the model is in relatively high spirits and expects to be back on to her old self soon, going on to add that the former model will be going into surgery at some point today (May 14). Everhart is expected to make a full recovery from the disease following her surgery, with the rep mentioning that she plans on being back on "mommy duties in a few weeks."
In the spirit of Angelina Jolie's recent announcement that she had a double mastectomy to prevent her from developing breast cancer, Everhart's rep said similarly that the model hopes that by releasing the information about her health struggle more women will be encouraged to keep regular tabs on their own health. The rep said Everhart wants to "encourage people to learn about cancer prevention, its signs and treatment immediately"

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie recently revealed that she underwent a
double mastectomy