Actress Angie Harmon has warned fans against adopting ducks as pets after suffering a "terrifying" attack from one of the three chicks she raised with her children.

The Rizzoli & Isles star agreed to take in the cute chicks for her three daughters one Easter, but they soon learned caring for the birds is a tough job.

She explains, "I was very happy to do this for my girls and it was like, super fun, Easter, and like, 'Yay, baby ducks!' and they're super cute. And then I raised them... and then they grow up and they become attack ducks and it's not fun at all..."

Two of the three ducks have since flown the coop, but the remaining pet has turned Harmon's life into a living nightmare.

She reveals, "Dr. Nibbles... he was awful. You couldn't even go into the back yard. You'd literally take a step (outside) and then (there would be) flapping and it was terrifying. And he would literally attack you.

"There was one point, in the morning, I had coffee, I was in a nightgown, in a robe and by the time I made it back to the house, I was in nothing. Like, nude, naked! He had somehow managed to rip off all (of my clothes in the attack). I don't understand."

Harmon shares three girls with her estranged husband Jason Sehorn, from whom she split last year (14).