Review of Chocolates & Cigarettes EP by Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone
Chocolates & Cigarettes
EP Review

Angus & Julia Stone Chocolates & Cigarettes EP

So who are Angus & Julia Stone? They are a new music sensation to come out of Australia, and as far as I am aware they have not been in Neighbours, Home and Away or any other crap Australian soap.

So where do we start? Hmmm at the beginning is normally the best place to start; Private Lawns has such a mental track, picture yourself in a Smokey jazz bar listening to a chilled out Moloko sounding vocalist mixed with the musical influences of Bjork. Total madness, but that is probably what makes Private Lawns a somewhat masterpiece. The second track on this six track EP throws everything out of the window. Close your eyes sit back and it is bloody Paul Simon, I am telling you, his voice, the title of the song (Mango Tree) just everything about the song it is quite spooky. Then the EP twists yet again, All Of Me this us a totally different kettle of fish. This is again a Moloko style vocal performance, but with the acoustic guitar. The track is very heartfelt. The thing about these is that they can make a soft acoustic ballad that they named Chocolates & Cigarettes. In short though and maybe has nothing to do with it, but this is the total opposite to Oasis Cigarettes and Alcohol, which I prefer. Each to there own and all.

If an EP can be as mad as this, then it will be great to hear an album by Angus & Julia Stone, cause this EP IS a small mad journey.

Mark Moore