We should be used to Two and a Half Men stars going a little crazy on the internet. This time it's Angus T. Jones, who plays Jake on the popular but hugely lucrative sitcom, which saw its star Charlie Sheen go viral recently.

"Jake from Two and a Half Men means nothing. He is a non-existent character. Two and a Half Men[sigh]...if you watch Two and a Half Men please stop watching. I'm on Two and a Half Men and I don't want to be on it," he said on a video posted to The Forerunner Chronicles YouTube channel. "Please stop watching it, please stop filling your head with filth." He went on by imploring people to "research the effects of television on your brain" saying: "People say it's just entertainment. The fact that it is just entertainment...It's bad news. It's bad news. I don't know if it means any more coming from me, but you might not have heard it otherwise. So, watch out."

Are you thinking what we're thinking? Jones grabs $300,000 per episode of Three and a Half Men, making him the highest paid teen actor in the U.S, so, this outburst has come as quite a shock. In fairness to him, he joined the show at a very young age, and probably hadn't formed his own ideas of the world, and before he knew it, he was part of something huge. Still, it seems strange for someone to denounce the medium that has made them financially secure for life. Perhaps we'll buy it when he donates all that evil money to religious charities.