Like his former co-star before him, Angus T Jones' rant against his employers on Two and a Half Men looked to have cost him his job, unlike Charlie Sheen though, Jones may have dodged a bullet and looks likely to reclaim his role as Jake on the popular series.

In an online rant, Jones called the popular sitcom "filth" and "very inappropriate," and unfitting of his newfound religious calling. For a while it looked as though it would be him leaving the show before the producers even had the chance to fire him, however he looks to have held on to his post for a little bit longer, having apologised for his rather unwise words shortly after the derogatory video went viral.

With filming for season 11 getting under way next week,  CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler issued a statement yesterday (Jan 12) seemingly signalling her forgiveness towards Jones, saying: "We move on."

Each of the main cast members, Jones, Jon Cryer and Sheen's replacement Ashton Kutcher, are all under contract until the end of this current season, although Tassler did indicate that both she and the show's creator, Chuck Lorre, are keen for the show to continue past the upcoming season.

Bets on what the next scandal with the show's cast may be are currently being taken.