What do you do when a well known Hollywood actor denounces his own TV show to the amazement and surprise of both his fans and colleagues? Well, if you're Matthew Perry, you link up with the good people at Funny or Die, and you parody the hell out of is. (Sorry Jones; parody the... heaven out of it?)

"Glancing at the bible has led me realize that my show, Go On, is a complete abomination with terrible morals," jokes Perry, citing some of his favourite Bible stories, which are suspiciously similar to Life of Pi - the book recently adapted to the big screen by Ang Lee. Perry continues to dig the proverbial knife into Jones, as he 'promises' to give all the money back he's earned in Go On and Studio 60, but when someone asks him, "What about Friends?" Perry says, "What, do you think I'm a f**king moron?" The hilarious vid centres on Angus's rather ridiculous denunciation of his own show, while still raking in thousands of dollars per episode. Perry also mocks Jones' speedy apology, by apologizing seconds after in the same video. 

Anyway, you should check out the video (below) for one of the funniest parodies going. We're assuming Perry decided to do this for his own, self-serving marketing reasons, so bear that in mind, Angus - while you're entitled to your own beliefs - you really had this coming.