Season 11 of Two and a Half Men looks ready to be commissioned, but will all three of the main cast members be returning? Maybe not, as Angus T Jones' days look numbered on the hit show.

Last year's infamous rant by Jones is still on the minds of the powers that be at CBS, when he accused the show of being nothing more than "filth." This may end up costing Jones his place on the show, which, "filthy" or not, has provided him with a very nice bit of income over the past few years.

CBS boss Nina Tassler has told press that the channel is looking to extend the show for at least one more season, saying: "We have told Warner Bros. we'd like to have an eleventh season and they're equally interested."

But what of Jones' future? Well it doesn't look too bad the young actor, as Tassler continued, "We'd like him to be part of it next year, if he'd like it to be. I think he'd like to come back too. [Creator] Chuck [Lorre] would too... He's made his public apology, we've moved on."

Still, nothing has been confirmed just yet, but it does look like Angus might not be out of his luck just yet. Next season, expect Jon Cryer to begin an affair with Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend, Mila Kunis, because frankly that is the only situation that can possibly top the rest of the controversies that have plagued the show over the past few years.