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18th November 2014

Quote: "You'd want it to be accurate, right? I'd be pretty handsome. Pretty handsome people. You'd need five good-looking Brad Pitts." Angus Young insists any AC DC biopic should feature great looking Hollywood stars.

18th November 2014

Quote: "My amp just went on fire. And I didn't even know! I thought it was a cigarette going." AC DC rocker Angus Young's amplifier went up in flames while the rockers were recording music for their new album.

17th November 2014

Quote: "That's when people get their chili-cheese dogs! There'd be nobody there!" Angus Young insists AC DC will never headline the Super Bowl half-time show.

4th November 2008

Fact: AC DC stars MALCOLM and Angus Young's brother ALEX was one of the first songwriters signed to the Beatles' Apple publishing company.

20th October 2008

Quote: "There aren't as many record stores these days, and Wal-Marts are all over America. New York and Los Angeles and Chicago may be covered, but in the heartland of America, Wal-Mart may be the only gig in town. We always shopped at bargain stores. We have no pretensions." AC DC guitarist Angus Young defends the band's decision to give exclusive retail rights for their new LP BLACK ICE to U.S. retail giant Wal-Mart.

10th October 2008

Quote: "He's probably loving it and having the biggest party up there." AC DC star Angus Young remembers his late bandmate BON SCOTT.

26th September 2008

Fact: Rockers AC DC are calling on fans to create their own version of the ROCK 'N ROLL TRAIN video. Guitarist Angus Young will give away a signed copy of new album BLACK ICE to the winners.

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