British singer/songwriter Anna Calvi has opened up about her childhood trauma, revealing the drastic leg surgery she endured turned her into a control freak.

The star was born with both her hips dislocated, and she spent the bulk of her first three years in hospital where she had to undergo a radical operation in which her legs were broken and reset.

She spent weeks in full-body plaster and a harness, and still sometimes struggles to walk, but the biggest effect it had was on her personality - the experience made her obsessed with being in control.

Calvi tells Q magazine, "I had to have my legs broken and then reset and was put in a harness and then in a plaster up to my neck... It has affected me. Subconsciously I feel like I definitely have this urge to kind of create my own world where I can have complete control. Because I guess when I was a kid, all of this stuff was being done to me and I had no way of stopping it."