The Hollywood stars, who both grew up in the northwest state, were asked by staff at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle to name a newborn bird.

With a little help from their three-year-old son Jack, the couple settled on naming the chick Eagle.

In a video clip obtained by editors at, Lost in Translation actress Faris says, "Hi Woodland Park Zoo, we are so honoured that we have been chosen to name your newest penguin addition, and so Jack has decided that we will name the baby penguin..."

Jack is then heard to shout, "Eagle the Penguin!"

"Chris and I grew up in Washington state and we love bald eagles," said Faris as she explained the reason for the moniker.

"We thought that a penguin with aspiration to fly might be really fun. We cannot wait to meet you Eagle!"

Jurassic World star Pratt took to to tell his fans the fun news, writing, "Anna and I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I remember the awesome salmon and trout rivers, the bears, the elephants... Oh. I'm talking of course about the @woodlandparkzoo!! If you haven't had a chance to check it out you really must. It's such a well run and gorgeous facility.

"Who'd have thought that 15 some years later we'd meet in Hollywood, fall in love, get married, have a baby and that baby boy would be given the opportunity to name a penguin chick a the zoo!? I mean come on!"