Actress Anna Friel fears she will gain a reputation as a surgery-enhanced freak after confessing she has undergone a bizarre "vampire" facelift.

The Pushing Daisies star revealed last year (12) she occasionally resorts to the grisly anti-ageing process, in which blood is removed from the patient's arm and injected into the face to help skin stay looking young.

She later told how she feels pressure to start a family with her actor boyfriend Rhys Ifans and had taken advice from female friends who were freezing their eggs, but now Friel fears her willingness to discuss medical matters could affect her public persona.

The British actress tells Style magazine, "I'm very wary of saying anything that can be extrapolated. I did an interview a few weeks ago and the next thing I knew it was, 'Anna Freezing Eggs Because Rhys Isn't Ready'. What sort of person would shout that from the rooftops? Before that I was asked, 'How do you stay looking so youthful?' And I said I'd done this thing they call the vampire facelift, which is a natural process. So what with that, and the freezing eggs, I'm going to come off like Frankenstein's sister."