Have you ever wondered what happened to Cinderella, Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood after they got their ‘happy ending’? Well Disney’s latest musical, Into the Woods might make you wish you’d never asked. In the movie, starring Anna Kendrick and Johnny Deep we sadly learn that some of our favourite fairytale characters actually didn't end up living so ‘happily ever after’ once their stories ended. 

Anna Kendrick Into the WoodsAnna Kendrick stars as Cinderella

Fairytales have certainly been enjoying a bit of a renaissance as of late with movies such as Snow White and the Huntsman and Maleficent presenting the alternative side to some classic stories. But Disney’s Into the Woods it’s not just another fairytale retelling, instead it explores what happens after the fairytale ended, calling into question everything we ever believed about ‘happily ever after.’

James Corden and Emily Blunt star as the Baker and his wife, who are desperate for a child but have been cursed by an evil witch. In order to have any chance of a family, the couple must venture ‘into the woods’, collecting objects to help break the curse. Their adventure will lead them to encounters with some of the fairytale world’s most famous faces as each of the character’s stories are woven together through this musical journey.

Emily Blunt and James Corden into the woodsEmily Blunt and James Corden star as The Baker and his wife

They’ll encounter Cinderella, played by Anna Kendrick, who we last saw marrying her Prince Charming (now played by Chris Pine.) But things haven’t been going so well for the couple as of late, as after their relationship turns stale the Prince develops a bit of a wandering eye.

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We'll also get to catch up with Little Red Riding Hood who will be played by newcomer Lilla Crawford, while Johnny Depp appears as her big bad wolf. As for the evil witch, Meryl Streep will surely be giving another award worthy performance as the villain who imprisons Rapunzel, played by MacKenzie Mauzy.

Meryl StreepA very frightening Meryl Streep

The film is adapted from Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway musical of the same name which was in turn based on the Grimm Brothers' famous tales. Since making its Broadway debut in 1987, the musical has won numerous Tony Awards as well as being toured internationally.

Next, can we expect Into the Woods to be as dark as the original Broadway show?