Prepare for your opinion of Anna Wintour to change dramatically. She appeared on James Corden's 'Late Late Show' segment 'Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts', where she joked about sleeping with Bob Marley, wearing Prada, and a Met Gala guest that will never get another invitation.

Anna Wintour at a Milan Fashion Week galaAnna Wintour at a Milan Fashion Week gala

We didn't think late night talk shows were the 67-year-old Vogue editor's thing either, but she proved everybody wrong by letting her hair down and chowing down on some of the most disgusting food James' team could come up with - at least in her opinion.

While normally 'Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts' has celebrities answer extremely uncomfortable questions or forfeit them by eating anything from rotten eggs to various animal penises, this episode included a variety of fast food products that even the biggest take-out fan would have trouble stomaching, simply because Dame Anna Wintour would NEVER eat junk food.

Her first challenge was to rank three top fashion designers from best to worst: Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren. 'They're all masters of their universe, but solely because he was my dinner companion last night: Tom Ford', she began. However, it seems Anna isn't quite as mean as people make her out to be because she opted to eat a bite of greasy, bacon-wrapped pizza rather than rank the other two.

She managed to dodge the pickled pig's feet by confessing that she would never invite Donald Trump to another Met Gala, as well as the donut cheeseburger when James asked her what Bob Marley was like in bed. 'I'm really glad you asked me that', she replied. 'Fake news. I've never actually met Bob Marley. I'm sorry to disappoint you.'

However, when James coyly asked her if she would've slept with him had she met him, she promptly replied: 'Absolutely!'

When it came to James' questions, he refused to spill who he hated talking to at Anna's dinner parties, and bit into a bull penis instead. 'That's an awful question because I think you know the answer' he told her. 'It's somebody so famous and it was so boring. I can't because I'll run into them.'

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He also ate a June bug rather than reveal his worst Carpool Karaoke guest but he found a loophole when asked to critique something about Anna's look. First, Anna pointed out that she was wearing Prada - a hilarious nod to the book and movie 'The Devil Wears Prada' that was supposedly written about her. Naturally, James didn't dare say anything at first, but after contemplating the calories of the deep fried butter sticks, he decided: 'I think you should wear Crocs more.'

Who wouldn't want to see that?