Sex and the City was, for many, the defining show for women of the late '90s and early noughties, leaving a legacy that has continued into two enormous movies within the last eight years. Now, to capitalise on that enormous success, and to draw an entirely new cohort of Carrie Bradshaw fans, the CW have commissioned a prequel series called The Carrie Diaries, aimed at teenagers rather than women, and set in 1984 with a loose aim of laying down the foundations of Carrie's love of fashion, men and Manhattan.

The trailer for this new series was released over the weekend (27th Oct 2012). Despite the clip seeming to give away a huge variety of potential spoilers for the series (in fact, it may just be the whole first episode squeezed into 3 minutes) there are elements of promise. To round up: a young Carrie Bradshaw returns to high school after a summer spent grieving for her mother. A new boy, handsome and interested in Carrie arrives at school, and her friends divulge that they've lost their virginity. Carrie's father, worried about her welfare and trying to keep her busy, organises and internship for her in Manhattan where she meets someone in the publishing business- Larissa- who gives her her business card. Exciting! 

Certainly, its doubtful that those of us that love Sex and the City will also love The Carrie Diaries- the target demographic is just far too different, and it doesn't seem to be quite capturing the glamour, extravagance and sex-appeal that was captivating about Bradshaw and her friends. However, there is promise and it seems likely that it will be a mixture of Clueless and Ugly Betty- no bad thing. The Carrie Diaries will begin airing in January 2013 and will be starring AnnaSophia Robb, who you may recognise from 2005's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and 2007's Bridge to Terabithia.

Check out the trailer here: