The Carrie Diaries continues with second episode 'Lie with Me' on The CW tonight (January 21, 2012) on the back of a mixed response for its pilot, which premiered last week. The show - a sort-of prequel series to HBO's Sex and the City - stars AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw finding her way in the bright lights of New York.

The show clearly has an intended audience that probably love and will continue to love the show, though the critics weren't as forgiving of the shaky script. The Guardian said, "Bad clothes, bad hair, bad writing.There are drugs and gay men. There's shop-lifting and lying. There are multiple references to sex. But if I tell you that the euphemistic line to describe intercourse is "A hot dog in a key hole," maybe you'll get a sense of a) how lacking in edge this show is and b) what a ridiculous script it has." The Hollywood Reporter said, "It's just important to remember that - voiceovers and wild dresses aside - the prequel is still a couple of boroughs removed from the original."

Robb almost passed on the chance to play Bradshaw, having been accepted into Stanford University. "When I was younger, I didn't want to be on TV," she told Teen Vogue, "I made a conscious decision to stay away from Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel-not that they're not great companies, but because I wanted to play different kinds of roles and have the freedom to choose my projects. So when my agent called about this job, I said no way. TV was too much of a commitment." Eventually changing her mind, Robb signed a long-term contract to star in The Carrie Diaries and decided to put off her university ambitions for the time being.

The Carrie Diaries Episode 2 airs on The CW tonight.

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