Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway and Tony-award winning director Julie Taymor have come together to recreate one of the most important plays in recent American theatrical history.

Anne Hathaway
The award-winning actress will be solo on stage as she and Julie Taymor tackle Grounded

Grounded, which will be shown at the Public Theater in New York, is a one-woman monologue which charts the life of an elite fighter pilot who is reassigned to operate drones after falling pregnant.

The 70-minute piece, by George Brant, focuses on the emotions of Hathaway's character as she targets drones thousands of miles away from the safety of a Nevada desert trailer before returning to her husband and infant daughter at night.

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The play won the 2012 Smith prize for works about American politics and has been lauded for contributing to international conversation about military technology.

Both women taking the helm of this project are familiar with success and will, no doubt, be expecting nothing less in their latest venture.

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Hathaway (32), a board member at the Public Theater, won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Les Miserables and Taymor (62) has won numerous Tony accolades for her direction of one of the most successful musicals of all time: The Lion King.

Grounded will officially open on April 23 and run through until May 17.