Anne Hathaway cries ''all the time.''

The 'Intern' star admits she regularly breaks down on film sets and doesn't think it's a ''big deal.''

Speaking about the upcoming film, she said: ''I felt strongly that my character should cry at work. I cry all the time. Granted, I'm an actress, so I kind of get a pass, but what's the big deal if you cry and then get yourself together and move on?''

Despite being happy showing her vulnerable side, Anne admits she didn't react well when her former boyfriend RAFFAELLO FOLLIERI was arrested by the FBI for defrauding a group of investors in 2008.

She said: ''It was bad, but I was a baby-pants. Now I understand a lot more about people and myself.''

The Oscar winner is currently enjoying a break and ''decompressing'' after starring in the one-woman Broadway show 'Grounded' for seven weeks, in which she played a female Air Force pilot.

She explained to the September issue of InStyle magazine: ''It was a privilege to be part of a conversation we should be having. We've been at war for half my life, and I had no idea what it is like to be a female soldier, [but] doing give shows one a weekend can wear you out.''