Anne Hathaway had a ''soul stirring'' experience when she got married.

The 'Intern' actress tied the knot with Adam Schulman in 2012 and, because they had been together for four years before walking down the aisle, she hadn't expected that legalising their union to make a difference to how she felt.

She said: ''I really thought it was just going to be signing a piece of paper and I was very surprised by the soul stirring that happened. You think, 'Oh, I've been in a relationship with this person for so many years, how is this going to change anything?''

She added: ''And I realised there was a piece of my soul that I was keeping out of bounds from the relationship. When we got married it was suddenly released.''

The 32-year-old star feels lucky to have such a ''happy marriage'' and feels at home wherever her spouse is.

Discussing their move from New York to Los Angeles earlier this year, she told Glamour magazine: ''It was never really my thing. I'd been out there for 14 years and never really felt anything for it and then we started to make some awesome friendships. But I'm happiest when I can travel and spend time at home.

''I'm really lucky, I'm in a happy marriage. I feel like he's my home. When he and I and the dogs are all together I'm like, 'OK, this is my home.'''