The late Anne Heche's former partner is seeking $150,000 from her estate.

Thomas Jane and his lawyers have filed a creditors claim in court, in which he alleged he provided Anne with a $157,000 loan and is owed $149,106.04 as of November 8, 2022, with interest growing at $18.77 per day.

According to documents obtained by, the 'Another World' actress - who died in August 2022 at the age of 53 following a fiery car crash in Los Angeles - agreed to pay Thomas $10,000 a month from August 2021, but after the first two installments, did not "make any further payments".

As a result, he is due $137,000 in principal, $9,814.79 in interest and $2,291.85 in late payment charges, the claim argued.

According to the deal, Anne agreed to keep her former partner aware of any professional work she had coming in and agreed to pay him 30% of income she received on any projects where she was paid more than $15,000.

Thomas' claim is the latest to be filed against the estate.

Earlier this week, the West Hills Hospital and Medical Center filed court documents seeking $1,838.92, money they claim is owed for services they provided on the day the 'Donnie Brasco' star was taken off life support.

In addition, Lynne Mishele, who owned the house Anne cashed her car into, is suing the estate for $2 million damages.

Court documents stated: "It was as though a record-breaking earthquake had hit, and [Mishele] was right in the middle and on the fault line. A blood analysis performed after the incident confirmed the presence of both cocaine and narcotics, including fentanyl, in Heche's system."

The documents went on to acknowledge that although Mishele and her pets survived the incident, she was left "completely traumatised" and homeless and had lost a "lifetime" of possessions.

The documents read: "Thick smoke, heavy fumes and enveloping flames instantly followed. Thankfully, (Mishele) and her pets, which she regards as family, avoided death that day. As a direct consequence of Heche’s outrageous conduct and unlawful acts, (Mishele) and her beloved pets almost lost their lives, not to mention that (Mishele) also had an entire life’s worth of her personal possessions destroyed in the fire."