Anne Reid wishes she'd ''gone for the sex more'' during a raunchy scene with Daniel Craig.

The 80-year-old actress shared an intimate moment with the James Bond star in 2003 movie 'The Mother' and was so nervous about being a ''laughing stock'', she got drunk before filming the scene.

In an interview with, she recalled: ''The night before I got drunk. It's not something I would leap to do again.

''Although if I did it again, I'd be much, much sexier. I'd really go for the sex much more. You don't want to look like a complete plonker do you?

''I thought I was going to be the laughing stock of every dining table in England. It was fine in the end, but it was very daunting, I felt like such an idiot.''

And Anne admitted the scene was especially ''weird'' to shoot because she didn't know the 47-year-old hunk - who first portrayed 007 in 2006 film 'Casino Royale' - very well.

She added: ''Daniel and I didn't really know each other, which was a bit weird. Everyone finds sex scenes very very difficult because there are people looking at you while you're pretending to be involved in sex, and the room is full of people shining lights on you and all that. It is very very hard to get involved in it. ''

Last year, Anne came face-to-face with Daniel for the first time since they made the movie and she hopes he can now help her land her dream role.

She said: ''I actually went to see Daniel on Broadway last November in his play, and it was really nice. I hadn't actually seen him since we had worked together and he was very sweet.

''And I think he's enjoying his life in America very much and of course, must be loving being James Bond. Maybe I'll get into a Bond film ... I always thought I'd be a Bond Girl when I was young.''