Anne V says the modelling industry makes girls self-conscious.

The Victoria's Secret model has been working for 12 years, but although she may seem confident, she admits it has taken a long time for her to become comfortable with the amount of criticism she has received.

She said: ''For the young girls, it's an industry that makes you not very confident. You'll hear things like 'Not pretty enough', 'Too fat', 'Too skinny', 'Your nose is too big'.

''I learned how to deal with it, but I'm 27 years old and I know how hard it was when I was 18 years old to deal with those things. I was a child.''

Anne V, whose real name is Anne Vyalitsyna, also claims she has been modelling so long she could do it with her ''eyes closed'' and admits there are things she'd like to change about herself.

She told Miami magazine Ocean Drive: ''There are a lot of thing that I don't like about myself. I wish I wasn't white. I never tan. I wish I could eat everything and not put on weight. Sometimes I wish I didn't have freckles.''

The Russian beauty recently became an American citizen and although she loves her home-country, she feels happier living in the US.

She added: ''Russia is amazing during the summer ... It's stunning. But Russia during the winter is the most depressing place ever. Now I'm living an American dream ... and I feel like America is my home now.''