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Black Bolt's Mute Status Encouraged Anson Mount To Join 'Inhumans' Tv Series

One of the biggest television events of the year is the upcoming premiere of Marvel's television series, 'Inhumans'. First premiering in IMAX cinemas around the globe, the show will then go on to air weekly...

A Week In Movies: Gravity Bows In Venice, One Direction Takes To Cinemas, All-star Film Explores Jfk's Death

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock brought their star power to opening night at the 70th Venice Film Festival on Wednesday. The event launched with the world premiere of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, and the critical buzz...

Could "Hell On Wheels" Replace "Breaking Bad" As Amc's Token Weekend Dose Of Grit?

There’s a lot to watch out for this weekend, as various shows kick off new seasons (and of course, there are the Teen Choice Awards tonight, for the five people, who still watch those), but...

Saturday's The Night: Amc Moves 'Hell On Wheels' To The Weekend

AMC has made what appears to be a risky move by moving western drama Hell of Wheels to Saturday night at 9pm. The third season of the show will premiere in the coveted slot, while...

Britney Spears' Movie Ex Sheds 20 Pounds To Play Meth Addict

Britney Spears one-time onscreen boyfriend Anson Mount is set to shock fans as a skinny meth addict in a new movie.The Crossroads star lost 20 pounds (nine kilograms) for the role in Cook County and...

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