One of Britain’s best-loved T.V couples, Ant and Dec, look set to branch out from their presenting comfort zone into unchartered sitcom territory.

Ant and DecAnt and Dec are ready to branch out and are looking at writing and starring in a sitcom

The Geordie duo have been on our telly for almost a quarter of a century and have Groved, Rhumbled and Celebritied their way firmly into the hearts of the British public.

Now, it seems, they’re ready to take their exposure one step further.

It was reported in late 2013 that the award-winning pair were in talks with ITV to create a new sitcom pilot, This Is Us, loosely based on their own lives.

Now, after a period of quiet, the twosome have recently relit the fires of sitcom speculation by saying they will focus on this next project when they’ve found the time following other T.V. commitments.

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Of course, the boys are no stranger to acting having started their careers 23 years ago as 14-year-old school kids on Byker Grove.

A brief spell as ‘bad boy’ 90s popstars followed but talking directly to the camera seemed to be where they fit best.

So, from humble Saturday morning entertainers on SMtv:Live, their takeover of the telly began and bigger and better gigs called for their presenting expertise.

They made the move smoothly into reality T.V. with Pop Idol and now front big shows including I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! and Britain’s Got Talent before finally getting their own primetime show, Saturday Night Takeaway.

With that as a C.V. surely there isn’t anyone who can claim these loveable lads from the toon are not firm British favourites, but will they be able to take their army of fans across to the sitcom world?

Ant and DecThe TV presenters already have an impressive portfolio of work

Undoubtedly this venture would be a commercial success - after all it is Ant and Dec and the set pieces they do whether they’re kicking back in Oz or backstage during Simon Cowell’s show are mildly amusing.

But critically, after so many years of engaging audiences with their direct to screen banter, can they tickle our funny bones appropriately through a sitcom?

Will the boys show that they’ve Got Talent? Or will viewers be screaming Get Me Out Of Here!

Let’s hope, as super fans of these T.V. stalwarts, that it’s the former and we’re not all left wishing that they’d simply stuck to what it is they do best.

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