'Altered Carbon' may have at one point only been a show set for a single season on Netflix, but the streaming platform have now renewed the hit series for a second outing, swapping out the first season's lead Joel Kinnaman for Marvel Cinematic Universe star Anthony Mackie.

Anthony Mackie's taking over the role of Takeshi Kovacs in 'Altered Carbon'Anthony Mackie's taking over the role of Takeshi Kovacs in 'Altered Carbon'

Netflix have revealed that Mackie is taking over in the role of Takeshi Kovacs for a slew of eight episodes across a confirmed second season. Series creator Laeta Kalogridis meanwhile will make a return as co-showrunner alongside Alison Schapker.

No official details surrounding the plot of the new season have yet been revealed, but various reports suggest we'll see Kovacs venture to a new planet to take on new adversaries and tackle unique mysteries.

Whether or not the season will take elements from the books by Richard K. Morgan once again remains to be seen, but we imagine there will be at least a number of subtle little Easter Eggs for fans of the series.

There's also no word on whether other characters from the first season will be making a comeback. Plenty of them perished before the first batch of episodes came to a close, and those who did survive saw closure within their own stories. We're sure Netflix will be revealing more in the weeks and months to come, however.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding the second season of 'Altered Carbon' as and when we get it.