Antonio Banderas plans to threaten his 13-year-old daughter's first boyfriend with a shotgun.

The Spanish actor - who has teenage daughter Stella with his wife of 15 years Melanie Griffith - is apparently dubious now the youngster has discovered boys for the first time.

Melanie joked: "Stella, well, we don't know where her future lies, and we don't put any pressure on her to decide. But she's doing very well at school and has lots of friends and is just discovering boys. And Antonio's waiting at the door for them with a shotgun!"

Melanie - who also has son Alexander, 24, and 20-year-old daughter Dakota with ex-husband Don Johnson - takes delight in watching her children grow and is full of praise for how they conduct themselves.

She told Britain's Hello! magazine: "Alexander is a musician, very good-looking and deep, a wonderful person with a really intense inner life. Dakota is wild and beautiful, clever. It's great to see how she's developing both in this profession and as a woman."

Dakota is following in the footsteps of her mother and trying to succeed as an actress but the 'Working Girl' star has warned her not to become too dependent on Hollywood making her happy.

She added: "She's much stronger and smarter than me.

"I've told her that her private life and personal growth don't depend on Hollywood. She should enjoy her work, but it's not the most important thing there is."