Arcade Fire's lead singer Win Butler has hinted that his band are gearing up to play at UK festivals in 2014. Speaking to BBC Radio 2's Jo Whiley, Butler cryptically advised that Arcade Fire's fans should "get [their] wellies ready." Asked if any festivals were lined up for next year, he said "Yeah, I hope so. It's a special experience."

Arcade Fire
Win Butler & Co. Probably Have Their Pick Of The Festivals Right Now.

Butler's teasing comments have sparked speculation that not only will Arcade Fire be present at 2014 festivals in the UK, that they may also be in talks to headline the jewel in the crown of British festivals, Glastonbury.

"The album is jovial, danceable and probably the most upbeat sounding release from the band to date," says Contact Music's Joe Wilde.
Soon, Whiley was in on the action too, saying "The wellies have been bought for a certain UK festival, we know the one that has quite a reputation for rain and welly-wearing, we shall leave it at that." Seeing as pretty much every festival in the country has a magnetic effect upon inclement weather, it can only be assumed that Arcade Fire have set their sights upon the apex stage for any musician: Glasto's Pyramid Stage.

Watch Arcade Fire's Afterlife lyric video:

At least one festival appearance in the British Isles next year seems likely given the success of the band's newly-released No.1 album, Reflektor. The band have recently announced a full-scale arena tour of the USA to take place in 2014, but eagle-eyed fans have spotted a gap in their touring schedule between June 22 and July 30 which could indicate upcoming news of a prime position of the Worthy Farm line-up.

The Quebecois six-piece have slowly grown in strength since their 2001 formation, winning the 'Album of the Year' Grammy award in 2011 and earning the chutzpah to command what their fans wear to gigs.

What are the critics saying about Reflektor?

The same Radio 2 interview played host to the revelation that Coldplay's Chris Martin had helped DJ at the band's London Roundhouse show earlier this month whilst dressed as a skeleton. "He [Martin] was out at the DJ booth with me the other night wearing a skull mask. It was pretty cool. He was the hype man, he's an amazing hype man."

Watch this space!