Arcade Fire have returned with their fourth album, Reflektors, after three years of working on the project since releasing their universally acclaimed third album The Suburbs. When the album leaked online earlier this month, prompting a complaint from the band, who said the leak was an unfinished, poor quality listen, the Canadian group have hit back by leaking the album in full themselves.

Win Butler
Frontman Win Butler wants you to "be shaking your ass with a tear in your eye" when you lsiten to Reflektors

On Thursday, 24 October, the band decided to respond to the leaks by streaming the album themselves, uploading the full, one hour twenty five minutes of the album on to YouTube, for fans to enjoy free of charge. The lyrics video, set to the Brazilian film Black Orpheus, gives fans a first-time chance to listen to the three-year labour of love, an album that has seen them team up with musicians from across the world (including David Bowie) to craft their own, unique sound.

So far, the album has been met with a mixed response, with some reviews calling it the band's best release to date - a bold claim for a band who have made three exceptional albums already - whilst others say the finished product seems rushed and as though the band were pushed to release it in time for the 29 October set date. You can hear co-producer James Murphy's influence all over the album, as it is the bands most dance-able release to date. But for a band known for their moving lyrics and cinematic sound, their move into a funkier direction would be likely to alienate some fans regardless of what the critics say.

Arcade Fire
The band have enlisted the help of various artists for the album

As the band’s lead singer Win Butler described it, the album is supposed to be a multi-dimensional listen, rather than one you can place in just one gentrification. Win described the album, when asked by Stephen Colbert whether listeners should pay attention to the lyrics or be moved to get up and dance, saying, “I guess ideally you’d be shaking your ass with a little tear in your eye."