Arcade Fire are at the top of the musical spectrum right now, enjoying critical and now commercial success with their fourth album, Reflektor. Whilst their origins are humble and their rise to international acclaim and success has not been overnight - the band have been alternative darlings since their first EP and a steady - unfaltering output was always going to put them at the top spot eventually.

Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire won't be feeling blue with their success

Their achievement is still a major one though and the band have more than earned their moment in the sun. According to Nielsen SoundScan (via Billboard), the follow-up to the Grammy-winning The Suburbs has already shifted 140,000 copies in its first week alone and could go on to reach gold certification in the US by Christmas. This is no small feat for frontman Win Butler's band. And given that Reflektor is their most ambitious and challenging listen to date, the critical acclaim is even more impressive. More so, it's a refreshing sign that, in an age where style reigns supreme over substance, there are still respectable bands out there and ones who are able to score mainstream success.

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The band have been hard at work on the album since 2011 at the earliest and suspense surrounding the film has been steadily building since then, thanks in part to the efforts of co-producer James Murphy, of LCD Soundsystem, as much as the band themselves. Adopting the guise of The Reflektors to promote the new material over the summer, the band were able to create a buzz without anyone noticing life has only gotten more exciting for AF fans since then. With regular radio play and two successful videos already out there, the anticipation surrounding Reflektor was always going to push it towards success.

What do the critics have to say about Reflektor?

Scoring their second No. 1 debut of their career, Arcade Fire look to have cemented themselves as the new "best band in the world" and will no doubt go on to enjoy further success for years to come. And rightly so if you ask us!

Win Butler
Frontman Win Butler has seen his band rise to immense heights