Arcade Fire treated fans to a cover of London by The Smiths and Echo And The Bunnymen's classic track The Cutter during their second show at Earl's Court Exhibition Centre in London on Sunday (June 8, 2014). 

Arcade FireArcade Fire covered The Smiths at Earl's Court

London, the B-side to 1987's Shoplifters of the World Unite, featured Will Butler on vocals and was a solid, hard-driving rendition of the Smiths favourite. The Cutter was less of a cover, given the band were joined on-stage by Echo frontman Ian Mcculloch

It was a relatively star-studded night in London, with songstress of the moment Lorde supporting the Canadian outfit. The Royals singer is a noted fan of Arcade Fire and recently told Rolling Stone, "They've been my favorite band since a guy who was kind of mean and kind of my friend put The Suburbs on my computer one day after school. It was a superhot day; my hair was wet from the pool. I was 13. I still remember that day."

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Arcade Fire continue their European tour in Landgraaf, Netherlands on Monday before  heading to Norway, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Japan. The group headline the Friday night at the Glastonbury Festival at the end of July before heading to North America at the end of July.

The band's fourth studio album Reflektor is out now. 

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