Review of Derdang Derdang Album by Archie Bronson Outfit

Archie Bronson Outfit
Derdang Derdang
Domino Records
Album Review

Archie Bronson Outfit Derdang Derdang Album

This new album from The Archie Bronson Outfit is from a new place. Although firmly rooted within the Blues/rock/indie/retro taggage this outfit sound refreshing and vital unlike their peers, this could be mainly down to their scathing musical delivery. Raucous and rude is key to this fine shinny disc. If you like drinking petrol and smoking red's without getting any sleep this may be for you. If not f**k it buy it anyway, all other reviews like the tracks you hate, so listen to know-one but me 'Got To Get' is a classic and 'Modern Lovers' is nearly there.


Alex Parker

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